10 Tips to Save Money and Stay Cool this Summer
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10 Tips to Save Money and Stay Cool this Summer

As summer quickly approaches, so are rising temperatures. Below are 10 low- or no-cost tips you can use now, and through the summer, to help save money and energy.

  1. Manage your bill on ​My Account. Our online energy management tools show you how much energy you are using, while the “Bill to Date” feature lets you know what your bill costs are at any time during the month. You can also view tips based on your energy saving goals.
  2. Stay out of the sun. Proper selection and placement of trees, shrubs, and vines helps to shade your home, while closing shades, blinds, and curtains can help keep unwanted heat from entering your home.
  3. Keep air moving. Turn on ceiling fans to evenly distribute cool air throughout your home and ensure furniture and other obstacles do not block ducts or fans, allowing cooled air to circulate freely.
  4. Unplug unused electrical devices. Chargers use energy when left plugged in, even after your device is fully charged.
  5. Weatherize your home. Apply weather stripping or caulking around doors and windows to help keep cool air inside your home.
  6. Filter savings into your pocket. Regularly changing your filter, and getting your cooling equipment tuned by a professional service representative, can save you money while increasing the comfort level in your home or business.
  7. Properly position appliances. Keep lamps, televisions, and other heat sources, which might cause the air conditioner unit to run longer, away from the air conditioner’s thermostat.
  8. Become an energy detective. If you have a crawl space, inspect it regularly to ensure the insulation inside is dry and check your ductwork for air leaks if you have central air conditioning.
  9. Don’t tank your energy savings. Consider lowering the temperature on your water heater to help save money and energy.
  10. Another bright idea! Replace incandescent light bulbs with more efficient LEDs.

Take advantage of the last few spring days by inspecting your home or business and make enhancements that can lead to greater savings this summer.

Not sure where to start? Visit pepco.com/waystosave or call us at 1-866-353-5798. Customers can learn more about these programs and other programs to help reduce the cost of energy-saving improvements, as well as additional tips and resources ahead of this summer season.