It's Cyber Security Month
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It's Cyber Security Month

Here's How To Be Vigilant

October is Cyber Security Awareness Month but you should always be vigilant against those trying to steal your information. Follow these seven tips to stay protected from cyber threats year-round.

  1. Never click on any hyperlinks or open any attachments from a suspicious email. Pay attention to every email sender. Email templates can look very legitimate, so it’s important to validate the sender before you do anything they are asking you to do in the email.
  2. Use complex and unique passwords for My Account. Make sure to also change your passwords regularly to avoid reusing previous ones.
  3. Report any suspicious activity on your account to a customer service representative.
  4. Never login to your account from a public or unsecure WiFi network. A public network could be open to intrusion.
  5. If you believe you have been the target of a phone scam, we urge you to report suspicious activity to the police and our customer service representatives. 
  6. If you believe your identity has been stolen and an account has been opened in your name, you may make a claim regarding the fraudulent activity by filling out an affidavit. Please call customer service to obtain an affidavit.
  7. Make sure you log out of My Account when you’ve left your computer unattended like at a library or coffee shop.

Visit the Department of Homeland Security for more information on ways to protect yourself against cyber threats.