Engineer Fair Features Innovative Technologies for Enhancing Customer Service
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Engineer Fair Features Innovative Technologies for Enhancing Customer Service

From building an underground electric current vault the size of an average home’s basement, to deploying drones for infrastructure inspections, Exelon engineers recently demonstrated advanced technological expertise that enhances customer service at the Pepco Holdings 2017 Engineer Fair.

“I have the best job in the company as far as I’m concerned,” said Andrea Agra, an engineer and program manager for Pepco Holdings’ Strategic Initiatives department, pointing to the company’s innovation. Among other new initiatives, Pepco Holdings recently launched a Drone Data Processing program, which inspects electrical infrastructure where poles and wires are difficult to access.

Andrea, who joined the company in 2011, was among more than 250 engineers across the Exelon companies who attended the Engineer Fair at the end of August at the University of Delaware.

Pepco Holdings CEO stands on stage in front of engineer fair attendees

This year’s fair – our fourth – celebrated engineering achievements made throughout the company’s departments, including Environmental Planning, Gas Delivery, System Operations, and Distribution Automation.

“This is an opportunity to celebrate all of the expertise that is so critical to all we do, and provided every day to our customers,” Dave Velazquez, Pepco Holdings’ president and CEO, told the crowd of accomplished engineers during his opening remarks.

Approximately one in 10 employees is an engineer, Velazquez said, pointing to significant investments in projects that require advanced technologies, including the Capital Grid Project in the Pepco region and PowerAhead in the Atlantic City Electric region. These and other projects rely on team members’ technical expertise to provide safe services that boost reliability.  

“To be successful in our business really takes engineers who inherently love problems, and always seek to solve problems with great ideas,” Velazquez said. “That’s what you bring to Pepco Holdings and the Exelon family.”

Tyler Anthony, senior vice president and chief operating officer, Pepco Holdings, cited the company’s “phenomenal” reliability statistics in recent years, including the best recorded reliability in 15 years. He credited the engineers across Atlantic City Electric, Delmarva Power, and Pepco. “Nothing happens in this company without your fingerprints on it -- nothing,” he said.