Helping Customers Afford Winter Energy Costs
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Helping Customers Afford Winter Energy Costs

As a member of the community relations team at Delmarva Power, my job is to help customers and the communities we serve understand energy assistance programs and resources that are available to them. I spend a lot of time speaking with customers in our communities and too often I find that those who are facing difficulties paying their energy bills do not know where to turn for help. I work hard to prevent this from happening.

We understand that customers may have financial challenges in meeting their energy needs. My goal is to make sure they are aware of available energy assistance so they can stay warm and safe this winter. One helpful program is the the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP), which provides important grant money that customers can use to pay energy bills and do not have to pay back. Grants are provided on a first-come, first-served basis, so it’s essential that customers submit their applications now.

I encourage Delmarva Power customers who are in need of energy assistance to take immediate action and apply for LIHEAP funding today. Customers in Delaware and Maryland can submit their LIHEAP applications now to secure their grant, which can provide $1,000 or more in assistance toward their energy bill.

Here are some helfpul LIHEAP facts and guidelines for customers interested in the program: 

  • LIHEAP is a federal program administered by state agencies that provides assistance to individuals who are having trouble paying their energy bills. Homeowners, renters, roomers, and subsidized housing tenants may be eligible.
  • Customers can apply for LIHEAP through March 31, 2018 in Delaware and June 30, 2018 in Maryland.
  • Delaware customers can get more information on where to apply for benefits here.  
  • Maryland customers should visit here.

At Delmarva Power, we are committed to providing safe, reliable and affordable energy services to our customers. We understand that energy costs can be a challenge. If you’re struggling to make a payment, call us today at 800-375-7117. We’re always here to help.

Cindy Ventresca has worked at Delmarva Power for 18 years. She has served in various areas of the business, including Customer Care and Credit and Collections. She now works as a senior communications specialist for Delmarva Power covering both the Delaware and Maryland regions.