Delmarva Power Helps Community Soar with the Birds
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Delmarva Power Helps Community Soar with the Birds

As part of our continued commitment of making a positive impact on the environment, including the wildlife living in our communities, we’re soaring with the birds once again. For almost nine years, we have partnered with the Delaware Ornithological Society (DOS), volunteering our time to support many of the organization’s key conservation initiatives and contributing $43,000 to fund programs that help engage our community in DOS’s important work.

One of the biggest projects we have supported is the FalconCam, which allows viewers from around the world to annually watch a nesting pair of peregrine falcons—Trinity and Red Girl—raise a new family on the 19th floor of the Brandywine Building in Wilmington, Del. This year, the pair successfully raised four chicks, which provided hours of entertainment for viewers.

Recently, at the organization’s 12th Annual Peregrine FalconWatch Rooftop Event, we joined the community to celebrate the project’s success. From the top of a city parking garage, attendees and our volunteers watched the fledglings from the rooftop deck as they learned to fly, hunt, and navigate the downtown cityscape.

“We value our partnership with DOS and the ecological benefit that Delaware’s species and habitat bring to the state,” said Cristina Frank, Delmarva Power principal environmental scientist and active DOS volunteer. “It is important to contribute to the protection of habitats in our service area.”

In addition to the FalconCam, contributions have also gone toward the DOS Bird-A-Thon, an annual fundraiser helping protect critical Delaware Bayshore shorebird habitats. The fundraiser consists of a 24-hour scavenger hunt-like event to identify as many bird species as possible. Together, these programs foster our commitment to protecting and enhancing our natural resources, including birds, animals, and plant life.

Through the Powering Communities program, hundreds of employees volunteer annually to support initiatives including arts and culture, community development, environmental sustainability, and education initiatives that align with our purpose of powering a cleaner and brighter future for our customers and communities. Check out more information on our corporate citizenship here.