Enhancing Thousands of Customers’ Reliability from Atlantic to Salem Counties
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Enhancing Thousands of Customers’ Reliability from Atlantic to Salem Counties

At Atlantic City Electric, we work each day to provide safe, reliable, affordable and clean energy service for our customers and communities. We are continuing work on a $128 million project that will enhance electric service for more than half of our 550,000 customers.

This reliability enhancement project, which is expected to be completed by May 2019, includes several substantial transmission system upgrades that cross five counties and 13 municipalities – more than 41 miles of our service area, spanning from Atlantic to Salem counties.

Atlantic City Electric and local contract crews are working to enhance transmission lines and upgrading substations within our rights-of-way from the Orchard substation in Salem County to the Lewis substation in Egg Harbor Township, Atlantic County. This project includes improving transmission line capabilities from 138 to 230 kilovolts, providing increased power transmission to benefit customers. Our crews are also installing new modern electric devices and using innovative technologies to improve system reliability and resiliency. sky crane

With the help of an Erickson SkyCrane helicopter, we recently installed new transmission poles in Buena Vista Township, N.J. and removed the existing lattice transmission towers. Using this helicopter minimizes our impact to the environment while doing this work, and it provides a more efficient and safer option for our crews when accessing energy infrastructure is limited.

Southern New Jersey customers continue benefitting from the enhancements made by Atlantic City Electric, including the safety and reliability of the local energy grid. Over the last five years, ongoing investments in the local energy grid have reduced the frequency of power outages by 22 percent for our customers. And when outages did occur, customers were restored 17 percent faster, on average.

This project is part of more than $300 million we spend each year to maintain and modernize the local energy grid – providing customers the safe, reliable energy service they have come to expect.