The Stats Are In: Delmarva Power Delivered Record Reliability in 2017
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The Stats Are In: Delmarva Power Delivered Record Reliability in 2017

When customers flip the switch, they expect their lights to come on. Employees across the Exelon family of companies work every day to enhance the local power grid and meet the expectations of more than 10 million customers nationwide.

Delmarva Power invested more than $127 million last year to modernize aging equipment, install new technology and trim trees – all to provide safe and reliable service to our customers and the communities we serve. And we recently announced that we are now providing faster and better service than ever before. statistic card

For our customers in Delaware, the average number of outages decreased by 16 percent compared to the previous low set in 2016. When these customers did experience an outage, we restored power an average of four minutes faster than in 2016.

Overall the number of outages in Delmarva Power Delaware has decreased by 35 percent over the past five years.

Delmarva Power Maryland customers also continue to benefit from the enhancements we are making to the safety and reliability of the local power grid. Last year, our customers in Maryland experienced some of the lowest average number of electric outages in the company’s history. Since 2010, the number of electric outages has decreased by 35 percent for customers in Maryland.

We will continue working to improve reliability for customers. From inspecting existing infrastructure and building new, stronger equipment, to using innovative technologies to improve system reliability – it’s all part of our commitment to providing safe and reliable service that our customers can count on.