Taking Important Steps to Advance the Future Energy Experience for Customers in South Jersey
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Taking Important Steps to Advance the Future Energy Experience for Customers in South Jersey

At Atlantic City Electric, every day we are committed to providing clean, safe, reliable, and affordable energy service for our customers and communities. As part of this effort, we recently filed with the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities (BPU), an Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) feasibility study and business case to demonstrate the projected benefits and costs associated with deploying the infrastructure for more than 553,000 Atlantic City Electric customers across South Jersey.

Atlantic City Electric’s plan includes specific focus on the technology’s ability to improve outage response and service reliability for customers, and how the installation of AMI would put in place the means for providing additional benefits in support of New Jersey’s Clean Energy Bill and Master Plan and establish the connection necessary to support new technologies that will transform the future of energy service for customers.

Here are just a few of the many benefits we believe this technology would provide:

  • Identify momentary outages and anomalies on the local energy grid, helping to resolve an issue before it leads to a sustained outage for customers.
  • New metering technology, along with advanced switches and other smart devices, would help minimize the number of customers impacted when outages do occur.
  • Using information provided by advanced meters, we could better prioritize how crews are dispatched, helping to prevent unnecessary truck rolls and reduce the time it takes to restore service to all customers following major storm events.

Some additional benefits include:

  • Customers can receive near real-time information on cost and usage, information that can help customers make decisions to help reduce their demand, directly contributing to lower energy consumption and bills, energy efficiency, and carbon emission reductions.
  • Detailed information provided by advanced metering technology allows customers to better understand their energy use and make informed energy efficiency investments, thus lowering energy consumption, bills and carbon emissions.
  • Advanced metering technology allows energy companies to more quickly connect or disconnect service – providing faster, more convenient service for customers who are moving in, out or around the service area, and could help quickly support to local fire departments and other officials during an emergency.
  • Advanced metering technology can serve as the foundation for new and innovative technologies that will help transform the future of energy service for customers.

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