Strengthening Your Local Energy Grid Through Targeted Resiliency Projects
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Strengthening Your Local Energy Grid Through Targeted Resiliency Projects

Across South Jersey, we are seeing the impacts of more frequent and more severe storms that are having lasting impacts on our communities. Given the growing threat of extreme weather, we developed PowerAhead, our strategic grid resiliency initiative to modernize and enhance energy infrastructure in areas that have experienced outages during severe storms. Between 2017 and 2022, we are strengthening the grid and performing necessary system upgrades through targeted projects across our service area.

As part of this effort, crews are performing essential work this fall that will improve reliability for customers in Cumberland and Gloucester counties. Crews are installing innovative technologies to enhance system automation and improve reliability, including specialized equipment that can automatically restore service more quickly or isolate damage, new utility poles, transformers, switches and other devices, and stronger, more resilient aerial cable. These upgrades will strengthen the energy infrastructure to withstand more severe storms and hurricanes.

  • In the Glassboro and Bridgeton areas, crews are performing equipment enhancements, including installing electronic fuses and other modern electric devices to support the automatic restoration of service along various electrical distribution lines.
  • In west Bridgeton, crews are rebuilding and modernizing power lines that deliver power to thousands of local residents.
  • In Williamstown, crews are performing undergrounding work in targeted areas, including Colonial Estates, to enhance reliability for customers.

With hurricane season upon us, reliability enhancement projects like PowerAhead are critical to fortifying the local energy grid to better serve our communities. For more information on PowerAhead and other reliability enhancement projects, visit