Atlantic City Electric Powers Ahead With New Resiliency Program
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Atlantic City Electric Powers Ahead With New Resiliency Program

At Atlantic City Electric, we can't control Mother Nature, but we can make improvements to provide customers with more reliable service through upgrades to our energy system.

To that end, we developed PowerAhead. That’s our comprehensive plan to enhance the resiliency of the power grid and upgrade areas that have experienced outages during recent severe storms. We are spending $79 million over the next five years on new infrastructure and system upgrades to make the energy grid more resilient. The New Jersey Board of Public Utilities recently approved PowerAhead.

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“We know that providing quality service for our customers means we have to enhance our energy infrastructure,” said Vince Maione, region president of Atlantic City Electric. “PowerAhead will not only strengthen the electric grid and make it more resistant to severe storms, but the work that comes with it will create jobs and boost our South Jersey economy.”

Some of PowerAhead’s upgrades include:

  • Increased technology monitoring to automatically alert the system of disruptions, for faster and safer power restoration;
  • Installation of special devices called reclosers that will, among other benefits, allow us to restore service remotely;
  • Structural durability enhancements, including installing stronger poles to provide better reliability during storm conditions;
  • Equipment, called TripSavers, that automatically attempts to restore power connections for a small amount of homes;
  • New system connections to alternate power networks for South Jersey’s coastal barrier islands, to improve resiliency against extreme weather events.

This is just the beginning. We’ll continue identifying areas where we can make improvements and to continue to bring customers in southern New Jersey power they can depend on.

For more information on the PowerAhead program, click here.